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NY State Contracted Travel Agency

Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT)

Use STT when planning your travel with the State.

Online booking is available 24/7 through the Travel Reservation System Concur. Booking online is both convenient and saves the State money.  If you purchase OGS contracted city-pair fares and your trip is cancelled or postponed your trip is 100% refundable when booked through STT: www.concursolutions.com

STT provides 24-hour assistance:

  • Toll-Free: 800-543-8616 (press 2 for NYS Travel) available 9 am–5 pm
  • OGS recommends travelers use Concur before calling the after-hours 5 pm-9 pm emergency assistance as fees apply

Email: [email protected]


When to Use

You must contact STT to book the airfareThe only exception to this policy is:

  • in case of an emergency
  • if the non-contract fare saves $200 or more round trip, or
  • if prior approval for the variance was obtained

You should contact STT to book hotel or car rentals.

  • STT is contracted to obtain the best rates available for the location based on the time of travel
  • Fees associated with booking via STT are reimbursable


Additional Resources

Agency Profile Procedures and Online Travel Reservation (Concur) FAQs

Statewide Travel Contract FAQs

By Car

State Vehicle

If available, a state vehicle should always be considered first when the use of a car is required. Agencies are responsible for setting policy to address the use and assignment of state vehicles.

  • Gasoline and other necessary expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Emergency expenses, if justified, will be reimbursed.
  • Any additional questions should be addressed to your agency.
  • Use of a state E-ZPass in a state vehicle does not need a receipt.


Rental Vehicle

When a state vehicle is not available, a rental vehicle is usually the most economical way to travel.

  • The OGS statewide contract should be referenced when renting.
  • Make sure to put the rental on your state T-card.
  • Personal E-ZPass may be used, but you are responsible for any charges if the tolls do not register.
  • Personal E-ZPass cannot be funded with the state-issued T-card.
  • If you incur any toll expenses keep your E-ZPass statement or cash receipt.
  • Renting a compact vehicle is typically the most cost-effective option in the best interest of the State. In limited circumstances, if a larger vehicle is required, travelers will need to provide documentation to support the additional cost on their expense report.
  • Damage insurance and roadside assistance are already included in the contracted price.
  • Car rentals are tax-exempt (be sure you have tax-exempt certificates with you in case they are needed).
  • Use Contract ID # XZ24A19 for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. 
  • Use Corporate Discount # (CDN) 65909 for Hertz.
  • Always rent in the name of New York State.
  • Indicate all drivers.
  • Consider geographic surcharges when determining which rental agency to use.
  • Return vehicles with a full tank.


go to the nys rental car contract


Personal Owned Vehicle (POV)

A POV may be used when a state vehicle or rental vehicle is not available or is not cost-effective.

  • Mileage reimbursement rates are determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These rates are available through the OSC Guide to Financial Operations.
  • If you incur any toll expenses, you will need to submit your E-ZPass statement or cash receipt with your expense report.
  • Charges for gas, oil, accessories, repairs, depreciation, accident damage, etc. are not reimbursable. These are all included in your mileage reimbursement.
  • If you are using your Personal Owned Vehicle (POV), and traveling over 100 miles per day, you are required to complete and attach a Trip Calculator to your expense report. The Trip Calculator calculates the allowable reimbursement that can be claimed on your expense report. 
  • If you are traveling less than 35 miles to an alternate work location, you are traveling in proximity of your home and official station. You may not be eligible to claim reimbursement for all the miles you drive. For examples and more information go to the OSC Travel Manual.


go to the trip calculator

go to all travel policies

It is possible to use Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT) when renting a car, see their contact info below.

Statement of Automobile Travel


    Statement of Automobile Travel (AC160-S)

    This form is only required to be completed by the traveler when a proxy completes the SFS Mileage Detail page on behalf of a traveler. If the traveler is submitting their own expense report they should not be submitting the AC 160-S and must complete all information in the SFS Mileage Detail page.



By Train


There is an agreement in place between OGS and Amtrak to offer standard pricing for New York State employees. You need to show your state ID at the station to purchase these tickets.


go to the amtrak rates & rules page


Book coach tickets or purchase multi-packs of tickets if you are a frequent traveler. Be sure to keep track of the multi-pack tickets and note their use on associated expense reports. You should reconcile them after the last one is used.


go to the amtrak multiride etickets rules page

Download amtrak eticket multiride tracking sheet


LIRR / Metro-North Railroad

There are no state contracts for discounted rates for the Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North Railroad. 


go to the Long Island Rail Road Website

go to the Metro-North Railroad website

By Subway, Taxi, or Bus

Subway or Taxi

There are no state contracts for discounted rates for the subway or taxi. If you use either one, be sure the trips are as economical as possible and keep all receipts to submit with your expense report. Lyft and Uber are reimbursable expenses.



While there are no state pricing contracts for commercial bus lines, there are several options throughout New York State to help you get where you're going. They include:


visit the greyhound website

visit the trailways website

visit the megabus website

By Plane

Keep in mind when booking your airfare:

  • You need to contact Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT) to book the airfare.
  • You MUST use your T-card to book the flight.
  • You need to book Coach (economy) seating.
  • You can earn frequent flier miles while on NY State business.
  • Your airport parking is a reimbursable expense.
  • Please note Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT) offers leisure or vacation personal travel.
  • You must attach your ticket receipt to your expense report (a boarding pass is not acceptable).
  • The ONLY exceptions to these policies are:
    • in case of an emergency
    • if the non-contract fare saves $200 or more round trip, or
    • if prior approval for the variance was obtained.


To book airfare or to register with the NY State contracted travel agency, contact Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT) by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone:
    • Toll Free: 800-543-8616 (press 1 for NYS Travel) available 9am–5pm
    • Emergency Services available after hours 5pm-9am for assistance (fees apply)


Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT) is familiar with all the New York State travel guidelines and has 24-hour assistance. If you create an online profile and book your own travel, it is cheaper than calling them directly. If you purchase OGS contracted city-pair fares and your trip is cancelled or postponed your trip is 100% refundable if booked through Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT).

You may also use Knight Holdings dba Stovroff and Taylor Travel (STT) to book your hotel or car rental as they are familiar with all NYS rules.

Contact the BSC Travel Team

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