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Did You Know?
October Tip
State credit cards from Citibank will no longer work after October 6, 2022

If you received your JP Morgan Chase card, it should be activated by calling the number on the card.

If you have a Citibank card and have not received a new JP Morgan replacement card, please contact your credit card liaison for help applying for a new credit card from JP Morgan Chase.

September Tip
What to Do for the Quickest HR Service & Response

In order to provide the quickest HR service and response:

July Tip
Remember to Include All Required Documents

One of the top reasons a direct deposit form is denied is because a voided check is not attached. Make sure to include all required documents when submitting forms to the BSC.

June Tip
Remember to Submit Your Student Verification Each Semester

One of the most common reasons dependents 19 years or older are dropped from dental & vision coverage is because EMBLEM Health did not receive their student verification. 

Remember to submit your student verification each semester or whenever requested by EMBLEM. 

May Tip
Make Sure You Have All Signatures on Your Credit Card Application

The #1 reason credit card applications are denied is because there is no agency Credit Card liaison signature on the application.

Make sure you obtain all signatures prior to sending your credit card applications to the BSC.

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