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Ready to Retire

Where to Begin

1.  Apply for retirement

File your Application for Service Retirement (RS 6037) 15-90 days before your first day of retirement  and send it to the Employees' Retirement System (ERS). If you use "Certified Mail - Return Receipt Request" your forms will be considered filed on that date. You can also file in person at a regional consultation center.


download the application for service retirement


2.  Notify your supervisor

Be sure to notify your supervisor and they will arrange for you to return your ID, parking permit, and all state-issued equipment. Your agency may have a list of additional requirements. 


3.  Notify the BSC 

Email the BSC Benefits team and include your full name, your agency, and the effective date of your retirement. We will then email you back with more information and specifics about your health insurance options. We will also send you a packet with full details about your upcoming retirement.


4.  Determine your health care coverage

Upon your retirement, you can continue with your NYSHIP benefits or you may defer your coverage. There is information on both as well as forms and additional information found below.


go to the continue or defer your health care coverage info


Your Final Checks

You will receive your final regular paycheck for the last days you were in the office and then you will receive your lump sum payment check. You should complete your timesheet as normal and if needed, we will enter any time and code it after your last day.


Lump Sum Check*
  • You are entitled to be paid for unused annual (vacation) leave up to 30 days. More than 30 days cannot be paid out but may be used prior to retirement, with your supervisor's approval.
  • If you have unused overtime credits remaining on your timecard or Voluntary Reduction Work Schedule (VRWS) credits, they will appear in this check.
  • If you are enrolled in direct deposit, your last check will be deposited into your existing account.
  • You will not be paid for personal days, regular holidays, or floating holidays. If you have any unused days, you may use them before you retire, with your supervisor's approval.


*Final timesheets must be submitted and approved by supervisors before the lump sum payment is processed.


Partial Lump Sum Payment (PLS)

A partial lump sum payment is a one-time payment equal to a percentage of your retirement benefit that will result in a lower monthly benefit. If you are eligible, the Employees' Retirement System (ERS) will send you an election form and once this is processed and your retirement information is finalized, you will receive your check.


read the Overview of the Partial Lump SUm Payment (PLS)

Post-Retirement Employment 

Post-Employment Two-Year Ban

For two years after you leave public employment, you may not appear before your former state agency or receive pay for services in a matter pending before your former state agency. 

Post-Employment Lifetime Ban

After you leave public employment, you may not appear before any state agency or receive payment for services in a matter on which you personally worked for the state. 


read the OSC Returning To Work After Retirement guide

Contact the BSC Benefits Team

Still have questions? Try the BSC Help Center where you can send a question to our support team or search a database of FAQs.

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