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For M/C Retirees

Dental Benefits


Emblem Health Direct Payment Plan
  • All New York State employees who are enrolled in health insurance are automatically sent enrollment information on GHI Retiree Dental Plan at the time of your retirement. 
  • You must enroll no later than 90 days post-retirement, or immediately following the end of COBRA coverage. You will receive an enrollment form and summary of benefits after you retire, or at the end of the COBRA period. This plan is administered by Emblem Health (GHI).
  • Additional information on this policy may be obtained by contacting Emblem Health at 1-800-947-0101.

Vision Benefits

Davis Vision (effective 1/1/2018):
  • You must be an active member to participate.  
  • Three benefit levels are available:  Individual, Individual + Spouse, and Family coverage 
  • Coverage runs from November 1 through October 31.
  • The benefit must be renewed or repurchased yearly. 

Life Insurance

Current enrollees may continue in the M/C Life Insurance Program at retirement but you must convert to a direct-pay policy. You need to complete the M/C Life Insurance Transition to Retirement Notice (PS 932) and send it back to the BSC, regardless if you are continuing your coverage or not. This form needs to be completed before you retire.

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