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Following the state's purchasing requirements
New York State
Purchasing Requirements
Creating a Requisition

OSC policy requires a purchase requisition in order to pre-encumber funds for a purchase. The requisition will reserve the funds until it drafts to a purchase order in SFS, which will then be processed by the BSC. 

For training on how to create a requisition, access the SFS Coach course "REQ205 Processing Requisitions Course Overview" by following these steps: 

  • Log into SFS and click on the SFS Coach in the upper right corner. 
  • In the "Process" field, enter "Req."
  • In the Topic field, enter "Requisition 205."
  • Click "Search."


Follow the State's Purchasing Requirements

New York State agencies must procure commodities, services, and technology in accordance with Article 11 of the New York State Finance Law. State procurement must facilitate each agency's mission while protecting the interests of the state and its taxpayers, and promoting fairness in contracting with the business community. The guidelines are intended to advance these goals by encouraging agencies to adopt and implement appropriate procurement practices consistent with state policies.

Learn more about the New York State Purchasing Requirements, including when to use a preferred source, centralized contract, or open market solicitation. 


download new york state purchasing requirements

purchase order checklist

Budget Bulletin B-1184 Agency Spending Controls

How to Buy
The Order of Purchasing


Preferred Sources
Must Be Considered First


A preferred source is a business that New York State has given priority for procurements.

NYS agencies, public benefit corps, municipalities, and school districts are required by law to purchase commodities and services from a preferred source if the preferred source offering meets the needs for form, function, and utility. One advantage of this type of procurement is that you do not need to follow the competitive bid process. NYS vendors that provide preferred source commodities and services include Corcraft, NYSID, and NYSPSP.


Go to the preferred sources website



Centralized Contracts
Use After Consideration of Preferred Sources


The OGS Procurement Services group creates and maintains contracts for commodities, technologies, and services. NYS agencies may purchase from these centralized contracts by issuing a purchase order directly to the contractor or supplier without OSC approval. 

Centralized contracts should be used when an agency has determined that the good or service is not offered by a preferred source vendor with respect to form, function, and utility. OGS’s website has a full listing of over 1,000 centralized contracts statewide that are available for agencies to buy goods and services from.


search ogs centralized contracts



Discretionary Purchases
Buying on the Open Market


This is a purchase made below statutorily established monetary levels and at the discretion of the agency, without the need for a competitive procurement process. It streamlines the procurement process and improves opportunities for Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) vendors, NYS small businesses, and NYS Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business vendors. It helps to promote the use of recycled or remanufactured commodities or technology, as well as food (including milk and milk products) grown, produced, or harvested in New York.

Ask the BSC Buy Desk to assist you with your open market purchases. 


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