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The BSC Buy Desk can assist your agency with the Request for Quote (RFQ) process for the following centralized contracts:

  • Award 23246 Administrative Services
  • Award 23253 for Language Services - Temporary Personnel
  • Award 22876 for Information Technology Umbrella Contract - Distributor Based
  • Award 22802 for Information Technology Umbrella Contract - Manufacturer Based
  • Award 22760-SW for Recycling and Trash Removal Services
  • Award 23106 for Security Guard Services 

This list includes the contracts that the Buy Desk currently assists in the mini-bid process. This list is not all-inclusive. OGS Procurement Services has other centralized contracts that require mini-bids.  

The BSC is available to help with the process of conducting your mini-bid. Contact the Buy Desk to initiate a mini-bid for any of these contracts. If you require assistance with developing the scope of your mini-bid, please contact the relevant contract manager.  

Learn more about each of these contracts and the mini-bid process below. 


Temporary Personnel Services

The Administrative Services Contract (Award 23246) and Language Services Contract (Award 23253) provide temporary personnel services for a variety of occupations, including:

- healthcare and office professionals

- technical and management occupations

- clerical occupations 

- service occupations

- agricultural and related occupations

- building construction & trade work occupations

- translation and interpretation services of judicial and administrative proceedings 

Learn more about how the BSC Buy Desk can assist you in the Administrative Services contract RFQ process:

Information Technology Umbrella Contracts

The IT Umbrella contracts give you the ability to buy IT products and the professional services your agency needs. IT Umbrella contracts include: 

Award 22802 for Information Technology Umbrella Contract - Manufacturer Based: The intent of this contract is to streamline the procurement of Information Technology (IT) needs for authorized users. This contract provides for the procurement of software, hardware, cloud solutions, and related implementation services from manufacturers or their resellers.

Award 22876 for Information Technology Umbrella Contract - Distributor Based: The Information Technology Umbrella contract – distributor based (statewide) contract was designed to replace the expired miscellaneous software contract, Award 21961, with the addition of a lot for hardware. It serves as a “catch-all” contract for products not found on the Information Technology Umbrella Contract – manufacturer based (statewide), or any other OGS Centralized Contract for the sale of software and hardware.



Recycling and Trash Removal Services

Included in this award are a large selection of recycling services (in addition to trash removal services) to stress the importance of reducing, reusing, recycling and composting as much waste as possible, and to offer state agencies a vehicle for meeting the recycling requirements outlined in Executive Order #4 (signed April 24, 2008).

Also included in some recycling lots is a revenue-sharing component which allows authorized users and contractors to split the revenue generated from the sale of recyclables, to provide an incentive to increase the amount of materials recycled.

Security Guard Services

This award is to provide security guard services at two levels of experience for authorized users throughout the State and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors for Region 1 – NYC Only. This contract makes use of a regional approach, with New York State being divided into nine (9) regions. To obtain services under this award, authorized users must issue a competitive Request for Quote (RFQ) to all awardees within the region where the services will be performed.

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