Change Notices

We process Purchase Order Change Notices (POCN) requests from agencies to update information on dispatched, stand-alone purchase orders. Changes may include line description, increases and/or decreases to quantities and dollars, coding, cancelation, etc. Agencies need to submit requests to the BSC in FileNet to complete these transactions.

Primary Finance Liaisons will use the form below FileNet Role Request form to add or remove FileNet roles for agency users. To add FileNet roles, check each box for the FileNet role needed. To remove roles, check each box of the FileNet role and the “Remove FileNet Access” box. Completed forms can be returned by clicking the “Submit Form” button to generate an automated email template, please do not change the email address or subject line.

If you need to update your liaison information or need to know who your Primary Finance Liaison is, please contact Customer Care at [email protected].

download the agency filenet request form

Filenet Change Notice Process

To make a change in your Purchase Order, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Filenet.
  2. Click on "BSC FileNet POCN."
  3. Click on "Open Browse View."
  4. Click "Entry Templates."
  5. Click "PO Change Notice Entry Template."
  6. Select "Information about a document" from the drop-down menu.
  7. Keep the "local document" option in "What do you want to save?"
  8. Click on "Choose files."
  9. Browse to find the file you want to attach ad click "open."
  10. Your uploaded file will now show.
  11. Fill in all the required fields on the entry template.


You will then receive an email notification for any additional information. Future communications will happen directly in Filenet.



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