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Non-Employee Travel (NET)

What Does NET Stand For?

NET is the acronym for Non-Employee Travel.

If you are not a New York State employee but you provide services to and travel for a state agency, you may be eligible for travel expense reimbursement.

Each agency that has non-employees traveling on their behalf should apply for a NET (Non-Employee Travel) card to make reservations and accommodations for their travelers. 

Generally, the reimbursement follows the guidelines in the NYS Office of the State Comptroller’s (OSC) Travel Manual for State employees traveling on State business.


read the osc travel manual

NET Travel Guidelines

  Process for Individual Working Directly with an Agency Process for Individual Working Through a Vendor Contract or Purchase Order
Payment Directly paid to the individual for services and travel expenses. Directly paid to the vendor through which the individual is employed.

Non-employees complete the appropriate forms for reimbursement and submit them along with their supporting receipts directly to the agency.

Note: Non-employees may be entitled to certain expenses depending on the agreement between the non-employee and the agency.

The contract or purchase order must specify that travel expenses are reimbursed.

The vendor’s request for payment must include documentation that supports the travel expenses for each individual requesting reimbursement, including receipts.

  • This documentation includes travel associated with New York State agency-specific contracts where the terms and conditions for reimbursement and allowable expenses are detailed.
  • If a contract allows for anything other than expenses allowed under the policies and guidelines in OSC’s Travel Manual, the contract language exceptions specific to travel reimbursements should be supplied on each invoice submitted to the BSC.
Reimbursement Once a reimbursement request is approved by the agency:
  • The agency completes a BSC Invoice Submission Form.
  • The completed BSC Invoice Submission Form, supporting receipts and contractual language that provides for the reimbursement terms are submitted to the BSC Accounts Payable Unit by email.
Note: Agencies are required to submit the contract language documentation once. Subsequent reimbursement requests only need to reference the contract.

When requesting reimbursement of travel expenses, the non-employee should complete and send the Claim for Travel Reimbursement by a Non-Employee (AC3257-S) form to the vendor.

The vendor should submit the form with the invoice and all supporting travel expense documents directly to BSC Accounts Payable via email or by mail.



download the claim for travel reimbursement by a non-employee (ac-3257s) form

NET Reimbursement

There may be expenses incurred by a non-employee during travel on state business. Agencies and travelers should review the policies prior to traveling or submitting for reimbursement.


For NYS Agencies

If there are expenses on a NET-card, reconcile them in SFS and send for approval.

If there are expenses that are not on a NET-card, the non-state employee traveler may request reimbursement. Any receipts or documentation should be retained.

Submit or have your non-employee traveler submit their expenses to the BSC Accounts Payable team who will review the non-travel portion of the invoice to ensure they comply with contract terms and conditions. 

Remember that a non-employee traveler:

  • Is not exempt from NYS sales tax.

  • Is not entitled to the state rate when lodging, although they can ask.

  • Is not eligible to use the NYS Enterprise or Hertz contract.

  • Will be reimbursed for coach airline or train tickets but not business class tickets.


For NET Travelers

If you have additional out-of-pocket expenses, you will need to submit all your receipts and forms to your contracted agency. The agency will then submit to the BSC for processing. If you want to check the status of your payment, you can check it on the Vendor Portal.


go to the vendor portal


Download Additional Documents


    Statement of Automobile Travel (AC160-S)

    This form is only required to be completed by the traveler when a proxy completes the SFS Mileage Detail page on behalf of a traveler. If the traveler is submitting their own expense report they should not be submitting the AC 160-S and must complete all information in the SFS Mileage Detail page.



Contact the BSC Accounts Payable Team


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Still, have questions? Try the BSC Help Center where you can send a question to our support team or search a database of FAQs.

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