March 28, 2018

Travel & Expense Mailbox Address Change

Travel & Expense Mailbox Address Change

Effective March 30, 2018, the Travel and Expense inquiries mailbox; [email protected] will be changed to [email protected] There are a few changes users should be aware of:

  • The subject line and or the body of the email should include the word “Travel.” This will help ensure the email is received and directed into the proper work queue for the timeliest response.
  • Responses sent from the BSC mailbox may be flagged as spoofing or fraudulent in the recipients’ email folder. The BSC is working with ITS to prevent this from happening, however, until this is fully resolved users should be encouraged to check their spam folders for emailed responses from the BSC.
  • Anyone emailing the old mailbox will receive an auto-response with details to send future inquiries to the new mailbox address.
  • Updates to the BSC Website and any documents related to travel will be available starting March 30, 2018.

Please communicate this change of email address to all your users for Travel and Expense inquiries.