February 7, 2023

OSC Preapproval Required on Some Purchase Orders linked to OGS Centralized Contracts

OSC Preapproval Required on Some Purchase Orders linked to OGS Centralized Contracts

Updated - March 7, 2023


New legislation went into effect on December 30, 2022, that restores Office of State Comptroller’s (OSC’s) statutory pre-audit review and approval authority for certain contracts and purchases. Most significantly, this applies to purchase orders (PO) made under OGS Centralized Contracts.

Purchases under OGS Centralized Contracts that exceed $200,000 are now subject to OSC review and approval. This includes purchase order change notices (POCN) for increases on existing purchase orders that will go over this threshold or are already over. OSC has up to 90 days to conduct their review.

BSC customer agencies who process their POs through the BSC will continue to conduct business as usual. Agencies should submit documentation in accordance with the specific OGS centralized contract requirements. However, if the purchase exceeds the threshold, additional documentation may be necessary for OSC review and approval. The BSC will work with agencies to obtain additional documentation when OSC requests it. The BSC will also manage submission of the PO or POCN, and associated documentation to OSC for review. No additional action is required for agencies for OSC submission. The BSC is working on a new checklist to support the agencies in compiling their procurement record.

OSC is aware that a significant number of transactions will now be sent to them for review. While there is no specific mechanism to expedite approval, agencies should inform the BSC when their purchases are time-sensitive.

For FAQs on this topic please visit The BSC Help Center searching the keywords, “PO Approval”. To learn more about the Help Center, please watch this short video using your Chrome browser.

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