November 7, 2022

Mass Re-issuance of NYSHIP Benefits Cards

Mass Re-issuance of NYSHIP Benefits Cards

The New York State Department of Civil Service has issued an announcement regarding the mass reissuance of NYSHIP benefit cards.  Each year the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act sets new amounts limiting total network out-of-pocket costs. This federal law requires the inclusion of annual out-of-pocket costs on employee health insurance benefit cards and impacts all NYSHIP plans.  New Empire Plan benefit cards will be issued for all enrollees and covered dependents beginning in mid-November of each year. New benefit cards will also be issued when there is a change to the annual out-of-pocket costs due to collective bargaining.

The new benefit cards will include annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum information based on the enrollee’s Benefit Program. To accommodate differences in these amounts, there will be two versions of the cards (Individual and Family). Note that the in-network out-of-pocket drug maximum does not apply to Empire Plan Medicare Rx enrollees and dependents.

All NYSHIP Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) will also be reissuing benefit cards for the 2023 plan year to comply with federal law. HMO enrollees should contact their HMO with any additional questions.

Enrollees can begin using the new benefit cards immediately and securely shred or destroy all other cards. Enrollees do not need to activate this card prior to use.