February 15, 2023

Guidance: Additional Documentation Required for Centralized Contract Purchases Requiring Approval from OSC

Guidance: Additional Documentation Required for Centralized Contract Purchases Requiring Approval from OSC

Updated - March 7, 2023

Since new legislation went into effect that requires Office of State Comptroller’s (OSC’s) pre-audit and approval of purchase orders and change notices linked to OGS Centralized contracts that exceed $200,000, the Business Services Center has been working with OSC to develop a process that facilitates the approval of these transactions with minimal disruption to our customer agencies.

During this process, the BSC has identified additional requirements that may be necessary for OSC review and approval. Agencies should continue to submit documentation in accordance with the specific OGS centralized contract requirements. In addition, we have compiled a list of additional documentation that may be necessary to secure OSC approval. Please address these additional requirements and include the documentation in your procurement record.


  • Item or service is available from a preferred source; if yes, explain why the preferred source does not meet the form, function, and utility required or provide a declination letter.
  • Attempt to negotiate better pricing where there is only one contract vendor that can supply the need. Document attempt in the procurement record.
  • Items not on contract but part of the overall project or purchase, verify that these are separate lines not linked to the centralized contract on the purchase order.
  • Items that are available among multiple contracts at the time of purchase, OGS contracts require the basis for selection to be the most practical and economical alternative and in the best interest of the State. Explain how/why this vendor was picked as supporting documentation, where applicable.
  • Ensure all other required agency reviews are complete, and approvals have been obtained (e.g., DOB B -1184, ITS PTP letters for technology contracts, Consultant Form A, etc.) and have been included in the procurement record, if applicable.
  • If a PO Change Notice, summarize the transaction, including the item, quantity, and contract price, to explain how the PO Change Notice total value was reached.

Mini-bid or Request for Quote
  • Provide any rejected bids and explanations for rejection with the procurement record.
  • Verify all award/non-award notices issued and related debriefing, protest or appeals of protest determination windows are expired. Explain any protests/appeals and how resolved (no protest or appeal, where provided for, should be open).


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