April 23, 2018

Fiscal Year End 2017-18 Finance Transaction Summary

Fiscal Year End 2017-18 Finance Transaction Summary

The BSC is pleased to report another successful fiscal year end. Thank you to all our customer agency partners for your help during this process.

Purchase Orders
The Purchasing Service Line successfully dispatched every complete purchase order requisition received prior to 3/26/18. After 3/26/18, we received an additional 122 complete requests, all of which were successfully dispatched.

Change Notices
The Change Notices team completed all transactions that were submitted through Filenet including requests that were received up until March 29, 2018.

The Lease Unit successfully completed all fiscal year end activities. All transactions that were submitted by the deadline were processed.

Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable Service Line met their commitment to pay invoices submitted with all supporting documentation and approvals required to create a voucher in SFS by 3/16/18. All invoices submitted after that date were processed on a first come, first served basis right up until SFS closed for year end processing.

Travel & Expense Reports
The Travel & Expense Service Line committed to processing all complete expense reports submitted by 3/16/18. All expense reports submitted to the BSC by 3/27/18, were processed for payment.

Procurement Card, Travel Card, and NET Card Payments and Reconciliation
Procurement Card and NET Card charges reconciled through the 3/6/18 statement were built into vouchers. At agency request, several manual reconciliation vouchers were created for various agencies up until 3/28/18. All reconciliation vouchers with a valid budget status were processed by 3/28/18. March Citibank travel bills were available for payment on 3/23/18 and 133 of those vouchers were processed by 3/30/18.

Next Steps
The BSC resumed processing transactions on the afternoon of 4/3/18. Please continue to reach out to us with any concerns or questions you may have about fiscal year end or new fiscal year activities.