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New Position with the State

What you need to know if starting a new job with the state or changing jobs.
Getting Started
What you need to know, which forms you need to complete, and important due dates

Welcome to your new position with New York State! As a new or transferring employee, there are some forms you'll need to complete.  A representative from your agency will send you an electronic packet of information with everything you need to get started in your new position.   

Your packet will include: 

  1. A welcome letter.
  2. An Employee Checklist, individualized to your new position with all mandatory and optional forms checked off.  
  3. The Employee Enrollment Deadlines & Insurance Effective Dates Information Sheet, only if applicable.  
Paycheck and Leave Information
Your First Paycheck

Paychecks are on a two-week lag for most NYS employees. If you are brand new to the state you will receive your first paycheck five weeks after you start.

Time Off

The New York State Civil Service Attendance and Leave Manual details how much time off you accrue and when accruals take place.