Forms & Benefits for New and Transfer Employees

Welcome to your career in New York State government. As a new or transfer employee, there are many forms that need to be processed and a lot of benefits information to be aware of. Your agency's HR representative will provide you with the following four documents to help you manage it all:

1. A letter welcoming you to state service.

2. The Employee Enrollment Deadlines & Insurance Effect Dates worksheet: This form is customized to your start date and is your reference to knowing when to file important paperwork;

3. The New Employee Checklist: The checklist is your master reference for ensuring you filed all mandatory forms correctly and on time. Links to the same forms and publications found in the checklist are also available below; and

4. The New Employee Guide to Filling Out Forms & Understanding Benefits: This guide expands on the checklist to further detail instructions for completing mandatory forms. In addition, the New Employee Guide also provides information on additional New York State benefit programs.

Need more help? Use the List of Important Contact Information to help troubleshoot by topic, or contact the BSC Benefits Administration unit at 518-457-4272 or email:

Access all New/Transfer Employee Forms & Publications below:

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