Lease Space Reallocation

Process & Procedure


When a tenant agency gives up part of their leased space to another tenant agency.


OGS Division of Leasing Services

If one or more tenant agencies are obtaining space or giving up space based on their current needs, the lease will be reallocated accordingly. OGS Leasing Services sends a reallocation letter to us and the agencies involved indicating the new square footage/lease costs associated with all tenants.

Business Services Center

Based on the reallocation letter provided, we will determine the appropriate amount of funding required on behalf of the agency utilizing our dollars and sense form and lease purchase request form. We will then submit the lease purchase request form to the agency to obtain necessary coding for that fiscal year.


The agency will review the submitted documents from us and provide coding. The agency will email us the completed documents.

Business Services Center

We will verify dollar amounts, generate all required STS and submit the paperwork on behalf of the agencies to OSC. If the agency is a new tenant to the occupying space we will process a new lease contract and then process the STS for submission to OSC.

Office of the State Comptroller

Upon receipt of the required documentation, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) will review and approve the STS requests. If there are any questions pertaining to the submitted STS, an email or phone call will be made to us and we will work with our customer agencies to come to any needed resolve. Once approved, OSC will send back an approval notification for each renegotiated lease.

NOTE: The reallocation letter acts as the commencement letter.