Lease Modification Agreement

Process & Procedure
Lease modification agreements occur when an agency requires more or less space during their lease term, or a clause was left out of the original lease.
Agency/OGS Real Estate Services

The agency and OGS Real Estate Services (OGS RES) determine that additional (or less) space is required at a current leased location. After working with the landlord, a modification is made to the existing lease and a letter will be sent to the agency, the landlord, and us noting the addition (or subtraction) of funding.

OGS Real Estate Services

OGS RES will email us and the agency and include a proposed lease modification agreement letter, abstract of economic clauses, and pro‐calc. These documents indicate that OGS RES is preparing to send the modified lease contract to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) and request the generation of a Single Transaction Summary (STS).


If additional funding is required and the amount is over $50,000, the agency will request a B-1184 from the Division of the Budget. The B-1184 is a contractual pre‐approval request, which must be in an approved status prior to submission to OSC. This request allocates and authorizes funds for the duration of the contract. As such, it must be included in the OSC submission package.

Business Services Center

Based on the OGS RES documents, we will estimate the amount of funding to be added to or removed from the existing contract. If additional funds are required, we will generate a dollars and sense form with a breakdown for review by the agency and request the lease purchase request form be filled out.


The agency will review and finalize the lease purchase request form if additional funds are required. This form includes information such as agency, lease number, lease contract begin and end dates, vendor information as well as the total value of the contract. The total value of the contract will equal the total dollar value of the new STS request.

Business Services Center

Upon agency review of the lease purchase request form, we will generate and execute an STS and provide this document electronically to both the agency and OGS RES.

Lease Execution

The lease is reviewed and executed in the following order: Agency → Landlord → OGS Commissioner → Office of the Attorney General (AG) → OSC.

Business Services Center

Once we receive a commencement letter from OGS RES, we will create a purchase order. Once dispatched, we will link the lease in the real estate module and inform accounts payable. As soon as payments are brought current, we will notify OGS RES and the lease will be made active.