Lease Amendment

Process & Procedure


Lease amendments can occur if funding was underestimated at the beginning of the lease, if charges exceeded the original estimate, or if any part of the contract was amended.


Agency/Business Services Center

The agency and/or us determines that a lease has insufficient funds remaining on the contract.

Business Services Center

We will determine how much has been paid to date and estimate the appropriate amount of funding required to complete the contract. We will complete the dollars and sense spreadsheet detailing the estimated amount required. This spreadsheet and the lease contract purchase request form will be provided to the agency and a justification letter from the agency will be requested.


The agency will review the documentation, invoices, etc. and provide a justification letter to us which will be submitted to OSC with the amendment documentation. Additionally, if the funds exceed $50,000, the agency will request a B-1184 from the Division of the Budget. The B-1184 is a contractual preapproval request, which must be in an approved status prior to submission to OSC. This request allocates and authorizes funds for the remainder of the contract. As such, it must be included in the OSC submission package.

Business Services Center

Once the justification letter and approval to add funds has been received from the agency, we will generate and execute an STS and submit to OSC for approval.

Office of the State Comptroller

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) will review all information and either approve or deny the transaction. If OSC has any questions pertaining to the STS and backup documentation submitted, they will contact us directly.

Business Services Center

Once we receive the OSC approval, we will create a purchase order (if required). Once dispatched, we will notify the agency, re‐link the terms in the real estate module (if necessary) and inform the A/P Lease Unit of the additional funds being added to be certain any outstanding payments are made current.