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What We Do

Our Accounts Payable team processes and pays invoices on behalf of our hosted agencies in a timely manner.

Choose Your Path
I am a Vendor

If you have questions about an invoice or you are looking for information about the process start here.

I am a NYS Agency

If you work for a NYS Agency and you have questions about invoices that the BSC processes, start here. 

Paying New York State
Due to State

If you are an employee of a BSC-hosted agency and completed a Travel Expense Report for your trip resulting in owing money to New York State, the travel team will send you information on ways to pay. The owed amount can be brought into a future expense report or a check can be mailed and processed by our Accounts Receivable team. SFS Coach provides more information on how to bring that amount due to a future expense report.

Refund of Appropriation

If you are doing business with a NYS agency that the BSC hosts, you may find that you need to send refund payments to us. The Accounts Receivable team will work with you and our agencies to make sure all refunds are applied accurately and timely.