Stage a Requisition to a Purchase Order in SFS

Once a requisition is approved and passes budget check, a buyer will need to:

  • Review the requisition,
  • Conduct the procurement, and
  • Generate a purchase order.  


Use the SFS Requisition Selection Page

The Buyer will use the SFS Requisition Selection page to accomplish this. After the buyer makes any applicable edits to the requisition and has compiled a procurement record, the buyer will stage the requisition to source into a purchase order using the Requisition Selection page.

After this occurs, the purchase order will automatically be created by the SFS sourcing process every hour. At this point, the Purchase Order can be reviewed one last time by the agency buyer and submitted for internal approvals. The BSC will review and dispatch after final approval from the agency.


Did You Know? At the agency’s request, the BSC can act as a buyer on the agency’s behalf. This is accomplished by assigning BSC_BUYER in the buyer field on the req select page. The BSC will then work with the requestor, perform the procurement and submit the purchase order for agency review and approval.

SFS Requisition Selection Page Training

For training on the requisition selection page, processing a purchase order, and approving a purchase order; access the SFS Coach course "Purchase Orders 220" self-paced training by following these steps: 

  • Log into SFS and click on the SFS Coach in the upper right corner. 
  • In the "Process Area" field, enter "PO."
  • In the “Training Material” field, enter "Purchase Orders 220."
  • Click "Search."

If your requisitions do not source to a purchase order at the top of the hour, you may reference the Sourcing Workbench section in Purchasing Orders 220 or you may reach out to the BSC for further assistance.

BSC Review Process

The BSC reviews agency approved purchase orders to ensure:

  • The procurement followed NYS financial laws, rules & regulations.
  • The purchase order has all required documents attached in SFS.
  • The purchase order is complete.
  • The purchase order has the correct vendor information and pay terms.
  • When using a centralized contract, the pricing and contract information are correct, and the agency followed all required processes.
  • The purchase order is formatted to facilitate the end-to-end procure-to-pay process.


BSC Reviewers will reach out to the agency buyer or approver to ensure a complete procurement record and that the purchase order is formatted to streamline the payment processes.

After BSC approval, the BSC will ensure the purchase order has been successfully budget-checked and dispatched/delivered to the vendor.

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