Time & Attendance in LATS-NY

All state employees use the LATS-NY online system to complete timesheets. When you start, your LATS-NY account will not be ready.

We have included a blank timesheet template in this packet. Use this timesheet to manually keep track of your time and attendance while you are waiting for your LATS-NY account to be set up. Download a blank timesheet now. 

Once your LATS-NY account is activated, you will receive an email from the BSC informing you that your account is ready to use. In this email notification, you will receive your “User Name” and a temporary “Password”, along with the following information: 

  1. LATS-NY User Handout
  2. Changing Supervisors in LATS-NY
  3. Supervisor Responsibilities in LATS-NY
  4. IPP* (Income Protection Plan) information, if applicable

*Only applies to MC (Management Confidential) employees

How Long Will it Take to Set-up the LATS-NY Account?

  • New State Employees: If this is your first job at a New York State agency, your LATS-NY account is usually set up by the end of your first pay period at the new agency.   
  • Transfer/Rehire Employees: If you are transferring from another state agency or being rehired within less than one year of separation from a state agency, your LATS-NY accounts cannot be set up by the BSC until the BSC receives accrual information from your former agency. Due to the timing of when transactions are submitted to the BSC, transfer employees may not be able to access their timesheets for up to two weeks from their start date. We ask that you track the time you work until you gain access to LATS-NY and can complete your timesheet. To avoid a delay, you can reach out to your former agency to make sure that your accrual information is submitted to the BSC as soon as possible.

If you have any additional questions, please check with your agency HR department or contact the BSC Time and Attendance Unit at 518-457-4272 or by email at BSCTimeAdmin@OGS.ny.gov