Time & Attendance

The BSC Time & Attendance Unit is responsible for assisting customer agencies with the completion and maintenance of employee's time records. Time and Attendance services provided by the BSC include:

  • Maintain and administer the Leave and Accrual Tracking System (LATS-NY).
  • Establish an employee's LATS-NY user account and provide an employee with their user name and temporary password during on-boarding.
  • Reset employee LATS-NY passwords as needed/requested.
  • Request accrual balances from the employee's prior state agency and update LATS-NY (if applicable).
  • Provide accrual balances to non-customer agencies when an employee transfers.
  • Answer and resolve any employee inquiries regarding time and attendance and their timesheet submission.
  • Audit the accuracy of timesheets for additional pay factors such as holiday pay, overtime, non-compensatory time, overtime meals, extra time, intermittent inconvenience pay, pre-shift briefing pay and standby pay.

For the complete list of customer agencies receiving these services, please view: BSC HR Services Chart.

The BSC Time and Attendance Unit can be reached at BSChr@ogs.ny.gov or by phone at (518) 457-4272.

Time and Attendance FAQs

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