The Purchasing Unit generates and executes purchase orders.

The Purchasing Unit:

  • Provides guidance and training to customers. For current training opportunities, see the BSC training calendar.
  • Prepares and issues agency standalone purchase orders (PO).
  • Makes changes to existing POs at customer’s request for standalone and lease POs.
  • Reviews PO documentation to ensure that an adequate procurement record exists and maintains all related documentation in accordance with State guidelines
  • Issues Invitation for Bids (IFBs) for one time commodity purchases as they are requested but does not perform Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Quotes (RFQs) and IFBs that result in "C" or "T" contracts.
  • Establishes OGS negotiated leases in SFS and conducts maintenance including processing amendment holdovers, assignments, voucher processing and payments.

How do I contact BSC Purchasing to ask a question?

For inquiries regarding Purchase Order change notices for lease related POs, email ContractPOs@ogs.ny.gov.  For standalone and all other inquiries, please email BSCFinance@ogs.ny.gov or contact us by phone at (518) 457-4272. Please include the word, Purchasing, Purchase Orders, or Lease in the subject line or body of the email when you email BSCFinance@ogs.ny.gov.

Purchasing FAQs

  • Q.
    Where do I find the FAQ?

    If you're used to finding the FAQ here you can find them now in our BSC Help Center.