Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (AP) is responsible for processing and paying vendor invoices on behalf of customer agencies. Services provided to our customers include the following:

  • Receiving vendor invoices, securing approvals and processing for payment.
  • Processing interagency bills.
  • Responding to questions from vendors and our customer agencies.

For quicker processing, vendors should send new invoices (only one invoice per email) to the BSC electronically at: or for a lease. Please include your Invoice Number, Business Unit, and Unit ID (if applicable) in the subject line.

For questions on previously submitted invoices or past due invoices, please contact and include ‘Accounts Payable’ in the subject line.

Helpful Tool:

SFS includes a vendor self-service portal that allows vendors to readily access information on payments.  For more information and how to sign up, go to:

Invoices can alternatively be sent by mail to:

<Insert Name of Agency> Unit ID: xxxxxxxxx c/o NYS OGS BSC Accounts Payable Building 5, Floor 5, 1220 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12226-1900

Accounts Payable FAQs

  • Q.
    Where do I find the FAQ?

    If you're used to finding the FAQ here you can find them now in our BSC Help Center.