About the BSC

BSC Vision
The Business Services Center (BSC) is dedicated to becoming:
  • The premier partner for contributing to the success of our customer agencies through best-in-class shared services
  • A leader of excellence, recognized nationally for how business is done in New York State
  • An employer of choice for New York State employees

BSC Mission
The Business Services Center provides shared services to standardize Human Resources and Finance transactions for New York State. Our efforts increase efficiencies, lower costs, and support agencies as they focus on core mission activities. Services are delivered by a highly motivated workforce committed to providing exceptional customer service.

BSC Strategic Objectives
  • To serve New Yorkers better by giving each agency more time to focus on mission-critical activities by centralizing routine, transactional finance and human resources services in the BSC
  • To satisfy the customer agencies by processing transactions faster, more efficiently and with focused attention to customer service
  • To simplify processes by creating streamlined and simple ways of processing transactions to realize efficiencies across New York State
  • To make the BSC a great place to work by engaging the full talent and creativity of New York State employees to build an innovative, creative office from the ground up and create professional development opportunities for all staff joining the BSC

Our History
In the 2012-13 Executive Budget, Governor Andrew Cuomo called for the establishment of a Business Services Center as one initiative in his plan to re-imagine and re-invent state government operations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness by standardizing and streamlining transactional Human Resources (HR) and Finance services that are common across agencies.  The BSC was launched on September 27, 2012 and continues to evolve.

Our Services
The BSC provides both HR and Finance transactional services.  In HR the BSC offers Benefits Administration, Payroll, Personnel Administration, and Time & Attendance services.  On the Finance side, the BSC provides Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Card Administration, Purchasing and Travel & Expense.

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