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Common LATS-NY Errors

Error Messages

If there are any problems with your LATS-NY timesheet you will see an error message and a "caution" icon when you try to save it.

The messages are color-coded and correspond to the day on your timesheet where the error occurs.

You can click on the icon to see the exact error and once you correct it be sure to click the "save" button.

TDS Mismatch

Some agencies require Time Distribution System (TDS) codes which allow you to account for tasks you spend your time on during the day. They are custom-built for each unit and must be entered if your unit tracks them. You will find them on a tab at the top of your timesheet. 

  • If you do not enter TDS codes for each hour of the day that you work you will see a "TDS Mismatch" code and you won't be able to submit your timesheet until it is corrected.
  • If you are unclear what TDS code you should use check with your supervisor.
  • The hours listed on your TDS tab must equal the same number of hours for that day on your timesheet. So if you work a 7.5-hour day, there must be TDS codes totaling 7.5 hours.

Missing Time

If the hours on your timesheet don't add up to the percent that you are required to work you will receive a "Missing Time" error code.

You may need to add time to the sick or vacation leave boxes if you took time off during that pay period. The bottom total for each day should equal the amount of hours you are scheduled to work on that day.

Other error messages can include:

  • Over Charge Error
  • Comp Time Error
  • Missing Time
  • Incomplete Time
  • Excess Time Allocated

Missing Lunch Minutes

If you are required to take lunch but did not account for it on your timesheet you will get a peach-colored warning icon and the message that you are "Missing Lunch Minutes." Once you add in time for your lunch the error code will go away.

Other Common Errors

Error Message
24-Hour Error Blue time totals over 24 hours per day check AM and PM labels
Comp Time Error Lime Green issue with comp or non-comp time earned confirm that you entered the correct type of time earned
Excess Time Allocated Yellow charges are more than the number of hours worked check the bottom of timesheet under "Total Time" for extra time
Workers' Comp Red needs a category added contact the Benefits team to get a category added
Incomplete Time Pink either "day in" or "day out" is missing check all entries to make sure none are missing
Other Error White could be several errors including switching hours check the accuracy of all time in and time out fields
Overcharge Error Orange charges to leaves are too large for that day check accrual balances


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