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Reasons Why Your Expense Report Might Get Denied

Reasons Why Your Expense Report Might Get Denied

Reasons Why Your Expense Report Might Get Denied

Here are some common errors to avoid to ensure that your expense report doesn't get sent back to you:

  • Missing receipts - make sure all your receipts are attached.
  • Missing approval  - ensure all required approvals are included in the expense report (B-1184 approval or agency-specific approvals).
  • Trip Calculator missing - if you used your personally owned vehicle and you traveled over 100 miles on any day or averaged over 100 miles per day over the trip you must attach the trip calculator.
  • Incomplete AC160 form - supply your to and from addresses if you are claiming mileage.
  • Inaccurate travel dates - confirm that your travel dates and times in your expense report match those in the report header.
  • Single hotel receipt - itemize your hotel receipt if it contains multiple expenses. 
  • Single vehicle rental receipt - split your receipt if it contains multiple expenses.
  • Missing start and end times - fill out all the required fields in the expense report including your normal start and end work hours.
  • Incorrect GSA rate used - claim the correct GSA per diem rate.
  • Not in travel status - ensure you are in official travel status if you are claiming lodging and/or meals. (You must be 35 miles or more from both your home and official station to be in travel status.)

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