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Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) & District Council 37 (DC-37)

Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) & District Council 37 (DC-37)

CSEA Membership - Enrollment Information

To become a CSEA member and receive union benefits, you must submit a CSEA Membership application.  Once enrolled, your dues will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.  You cannot receive CSEA benefits if you do not complete the CSEA membership application.  Visit the CSEA Employee Benefits Fund website and the CSEA Members website for member information.

Fax completed applications, with original signatures, to (518) 465-2382 or mail to:

CSEA PO Box 7125
Capitol Station
Albany, NY 12224-9901

Download the Application:

CSEA Membership - Vision and Dental Plan Information

The CSEA Employee Benefits Fund provides CSEA-represented employees and their families with:

     -Vision Coverage: 28-day waiting period
     -Dental Coverage: 28-day waiting period
     -Disability and Term Life Insurance

If you would like to enroll in CSEA Vision and Dental benefits contact the CSEA for complete information.


go to the CSEA Employee Benefits Fund

DC-37 Membership - Enrollment Information

If you work in a DC-37 title and would like to become a DC-37 member and receive membership benefits see the DC-37 Members Website for detailed union and benefits information. 

DC-37 also offers an Income Protection Plan (IPP) for its members. 

Download the IPP Booklet: 


    DC-37 Income Protection Plan Benefits Booklet

    The DC-37 Income Protection Plan (IPP) is designed to provide income protection in the event that a DC-37 eligible member becomes unable to work due to illness or injury.  This booklet provides important information on the program.    



Contact the BSC Benefits Team

Still have questions? Try the BSC Help Center where you can send a question to our support team or search a database of FAQs.

Contact us by phone:
Local  (518) 457-4272
Contact us by email:
Mailing Address:

BSC Benefits Team
1220 Washington Ave
Building 5, Floor 6
Albany, NY 12226-1900

Contact us by fax:
(518) 457-1879