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Adding Travel Card Transactions from My Wallet

Adding Travel Card Transactions from My Wallet

Step-by-Step Instructions

The “My Wallet” feature in the Statewide Financial System (SFS) stores all your pending travel card transactions. Import all charges made during your travel from “My Wallet” into your expense report. Charges typically appear within one week.

  1. “My Wallet” can be accessed from "Create Expense Report" tile or from "Expense History" tile.  
  2. Date: Charges brought in from “My Wallet” automatically populate to the date the charge was posted to Citibank. This date cannot be changed.
  3. Meals are “Return to State Charges” in “My Wallet” when charged to your Travel Card. Once imported into the expense report, offset the charge with the correct meal per diem.
  4. If you have a charge that is categorized as a "New Expense," you must assign an expense type. Click the "New Expense" checkbox, then click on the magnifying glass to select the appropriate expense type and then click "Assign." 
  5. Select the charges to be moved into your expense report by checking the box in the "Select" column.

  6. Click “Import.” The “My Wallet” window closes and you are brought back to your expense report. SFS creates an expense line for each item brought in from “My Wallet.”


Note: If you have accidentally used your T-Card for a non-work related charge, you must create a new expense report, import the charge into My Wallet and provide an explanation in the comment area.

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