August 27, 2018

2018 Lapsing Funds Process

2018 Lapsing Funds Process

Local assistance, community projects, capital projects, legislature, and judiciary and debt service appropriations will lapse pursuant to the State Finance Law after the close of business on September 14, 2018. Transactions coded to funds that will lapse on this date must be submitted to the Business Service Center (BSC) in accordance with the timelines detailed below to ensure lapsing transactions are processed timely. The BSC is committed to meeting these lapsing deadlines to support our customer agencies. Agencies are encouraged to visit OSC’s website “Lapsing Information for State Agencies."

There will be an SFS blackout period during lapsing. SFS access will be closed for agencies beginning at 5 pm September 14, 2018 through September 17, 2018.

Vendor Invoices

As agencies process transactions in their FileNet “Agency Review” queue, they should be identifying those invoices to be paid from lapsing funds by using the “More Responses” function of “Ok to Pay – Lapsing” and moving the approved invoices to the “Disposition” queue as soon as possible.

All lapsing invoices approved for payment by September 5, 2018, will be processed with a cash disbursement date prior to September 14, 2018.

Any invoices or receiving held by an agency and not yet submitted to the BSC for lapsing funded transactions should be sent immediately to [email protected] with “Lapsing” marked on each invoice. Please reference “Lapsing AP Invoices” in the subject line of the e-mail. Every effort will be made to process transactions received after September 5, 2018, up to the OSC cutoff date. These may also be sent via interagency mail, in which case we ask that “Lapsing” is clearly written on the top of the invoices.

Refunds of Appropriation

To ensure processing by the OSC deadline, the BSC is requesting that agencies submit Refunds of Appropriation against lapsing funds to the BSC Cashier, no later than September 1, 2018. Refund checks and a “ROA Agency Submittal Form,” should be sent via interagency mail with “Lapsing” clearly written on the top of the documents.

If agencies are requesting refunds from vendors, vendors should be instructed to send refund checks directly to the BSC at:

[Agency Name], C/O OGS Business Service Center, Attn: Cashier 1220 Washington Avenue Building 5, Floor 6, Albany, NY 12226-1900

Please forward the vendor notice to the BSC Cashier at [email protected] with the word “Lapsing” in the email subject line so the BSC can ensure the refund is processed before funds lapse.

Fringe Benefits and Indirect Cost Assessments

SFS transaction coding and any supporting documentation for fringe benefits and indirect cost assessments should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than September 5, 2018, to [email protected] with “Lapsing” marked on the top of the document and in the subject line of the email.


Please submit expense reports in SFS to the BSC no later than September 6, 2018 and include “Lapsing” at the beginning of the Description of Travel field in the SFS expense report.

Procurement Card Reconciliations

All procurement card transactions against lapsing funds must be verified and approved in SFS no later than September 5, 2018.


Agencies should notify the BSC by September 12, 2018 of any purchase orders that need to be liquidated before funds lapse. A request should be submitted via FileNet.